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KBC program is also streaming in the United States like California, Florida, Hawaii, New Jersey, and more. For participating in this program registration is required after that quiz is conducted by all participants who came from different states of India. Notification is sent to all participants through SMS that is on a premium rate. The player will face the series of interviews before being selected from the group of all participants and then appears in the stage of Fastest Finger First. Selected candidates must be the citizen of India and must be at least 18 years old and more.

Fastest Finger First

The selected participants are then going to the studio to compete Fastest Finger First then they will have 4 questions for answer in a short time.

Game Theme

In the 1st round, the participant who will give the fast answer to all having questions will be the winner of this round. After winning this round host call the winning participant in the Hot Seat” and tell the rules and regulation of the game. Then start the series of questions in the form of multiple-choice for winning the top cash prize that is shown on the computer screen. During the game, the selected person has the choice to leave the game with the amount that he/she wins before but if he/she answers wrong then he/she will have to leave the game without having amount so the player has to give the true answer of the question (highlighted in yellow). The player also choose the option from the below list

Audience Poll (Ask The Audience):

In the 2nd round, the player will take help from the audience through the audience poll, if the player doubts on the answer of the question. Then the highest-ranking to the answer to this question from the audience poll will be considering the right answer.


In this section, the player will take help through 50:50, the host will accept it according to the player choice then the computer skips two wrong answers and left two answers on the computer screen, in which one is right and the other is the wrong answer. If the player chooses the wrong answer then he/she has to leave the show.


In this option, the player can call a friend or family member that is preselected. The player has only 30 seconds to ask the answer to the question. Some changes are made in 2017 that the voice calls are converted into the video conference. So in season 10, the lifeline changed with ask expert.

Contact KBC: KBC Helpline Number

Flip or Switch the Question :

In this option, the question skipped with a new one.

Dip: In this lifeline, the player has two chances to answer the question. But the player cannot leave the question. The player must ask the answer for two times without using any lifeline. If clock time is completed, then the timer stops with first guess only. If the first guess is wrong, then the countdown starts again. If the player gives the wrong answer then he will not capable to continue the game and will leave the game with some sort of amount.

Expert Advice (Ask the Expert):

The "Expert Advice" lifeline was introduced in season four. This lifeline was re-introduced in season ten in 2018.

Power Paplu:

This option allows the player to reuse the previously used lifeline.

Trigun, Three Wise Men:

In the US, experts call in the studio that knows about the game to guide the player. The 30 seconds given to the "Three Wise Men" to discuss the question give the possible answer to the player. The discussion is to stop if the time has passed.

Jodidaar lit. Partner:

In this section, the player provides three phone numbers of friends or family members and chooses one friend who will help the player to give the right answer to the question. But the selection is made before the show.
In season four, the helper must give the right answer in the given time. The player gave the 30 seconds for an answer however the time is increased in 2017 from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. And then the player will give the 60 seconds to present the final answer. Timer also paused for a short period until it resolved.
The number of questions in the game may be changed according to the condition. If the number of questions changed then the prize money also changed. In the 2017 jackpot question introduced. For this specific question, the player can’t use any lifeline.
 Season 5 and 6 introduced a threshold round, in which the player can choose any question with a threshold from the tree. If the player crosses the threshold round then the KBC team gives the guarantee of the prize amount. If the answer is wrong then the player will lose the prize amount.

Important News: For KBC Winners

New information is providing by KBC. The information is facilitating for all KBC counters in the coming years and for the KBC lottery winner list 2020 as well. You can also confirm your lottery from the KBC and prevent yourself from the fake calls. If you do not know about the lottery then call the lottery information center to acquire the information.


Dear customer, first ensure that if you receive any call related to KBC that is real or fake. You can get the real information from the official website of KBC. There are many frauds these days so beware of all of the fake calls and ensure that call is real or fake. If you receive any call from KBC then confirm from the KBC head office number right away.

KBC Head Office Number

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KBC Season 12 Registration date

Registrations begin on 9th May 9 pm

Updated information about the KBC IMO Lottery Winner list 2020, KBC Lottery Winner List 2020, and KBC lucky draw winner 2020 list.

Nithin George Win 25 Lakh

 Winning date of 09 February 2020

Ramshankar Win 25 Lakh 

Winning date of 06 February 2020

Mr. Arun Kumar Jaiswal Winning Amount 25 Lakh 

Winning Date 27 January 2020

Mr. Jabbar Batira Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs

Winning Date 10 February 2020

KBC Winner List

Mrs. Sangeeta Jain, Winning Amount 25,00,000

Mrs. Kanta Shri, Winning Amount 25,00,000

Ms. Pooja Agarwal, Winning Amount 25,00,000

Mrs. Pandit Jawahar, Winning Amount 25,00,000

Miss. Kaushalya Devi, Winning Amount 25,00,000

Seth ram Chandra, Winning Amount 50,00,000

Mr. Karan Johar, Winning Amount 25,00,000


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